PubLinks Message
Last Updated: 10/31/06

Welcome LA County Golf Club Members:

On behalf of the 186 clubs and 20,000 + individual members of the Public Links Golf Association of Southern California (PLGA), I want to welcome the LA County Golf Club to the PLGA family.

It is only fitting that the largest exclusively public golf association in the national family of USGA licensed state/regional golf associations and the largest municipal owner of golf properties in the nation partner on the creation of this new club, one combining the features of a traditional golf club with the cutting edge features of an internet based golf club-a comprehensive tournament program spread out over Los Angeles County's seventeen (17) different golf courses but administered entirely via the internet.

Members get the best of both worlds-affordable and organized access to some of the best public facilities in the region and the convenience of acquiring that access and administering one's USGA  Handicap Index from your computer. In addition, one gains access to all of the priviliges and benefits of membership in the PLGA, including access to the Association's comprehensive and "recreational" golfer oriented tournament program.

PLGA is proud of it's affiliation with the County of Los Angeles, an institution with which we have a shared passion for two simple but powerful principles: 1) That the game of golf be affordable and accessible to all, and 2) that the highest of standards and the public sector are mutually compatible concepts.

Good golfing,

Craig Kessler
PLGA Executive Director